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Paul Bensmen – Host

Recognizing digital streaming entertainment was a business sector primed for explosive growth, Paul Bensman had a vision for a new media company in Detroit. This led to the creation of New Radio Media, LLC.

An entrepreneur since childhood, he got his business start in grade school, selling candy to neighborhood children on his driveway in Southfield, Michigan. When disco exploded at the end of the 70s, Bensman and a friend created a mobile DJ company. In college, at the age of 19, he started importing hand tools from Taiwan. At 22, he opened the first Crazy Benzy’s Tools & Stuff store, later franchising Crazy Benzy’s. While spinning records on the weekend and selling tools during the day, he started a limousine company. Bensman was running three successful business ventures by the age of 23.

After years spent learning all aspects of the retail industry, Bensman entered the world of commercial real estate in 1998 with a focus on retail tenants and properties. He started his own brokerage, Locations Commercial Real Estate Services, less than 10 years later. During his time as a broker, he continued to identify trending markets. Bensman started and sold several business ventures, including BDT Lightsource, a successful green energy lighting company he founded to bring cost-saving new technology from China to commercial property owners. Along with running multiple companies, he provided business coaching and consulting.

In 2012, Bensman began hosting a successful business radio show called “Bensman Biz” on ESPN Detroit with his long-time friend Peter Perlman. The show advised listeners on how to start, run and market a business.  “Bensman Biz” has now been re-imagined as a Streamcast™ on NRMStreamcast’s Business Channel.

***DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on any program, video, broadcast or other production are those of the producers and the persons appearing on the program, video, broadcast or other production and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of New Radio Media, LLC, its members, managers, officers, employees, representatives, affiliates or agents. Such opinions are based upon information the foregoing persons consider reliable, but none of New Radio Media, LLC, its members, managers, officers, employees, representatives, affiliates or agents warrant its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such. Comments and other statements made by callers are the sole responsibility of such callers and such callers are solely liable for any statements made by them. New Radio Media LLC reserves the right to restrict access to any caller or terminate a call at any time and for any reason.***

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