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King & Foster on NRM Streamcast.

Join Jimmy King and Terry Foster as they discuss topics that revolve around the media and athletic knowledge that they have both experienced in their lives. King & Foster bring a tag team dynamic to their weekly streamcast and their discussions go beyond the statistics of sports, life and overall pursuit of fulfillment.

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Jimmy King

Jimmy King is an active member in the field of sports entertainment, having first-hand experience as a celebrity basketball player and prominent coach. King played for the University of Michigan basketball team as part of the Fab Five which reached the 1992 and 1993 NCAA’s Men’s Division I Basketball Championship games. King later played several seasons in the NBA and won the bronze medal in the 1998 FIBA World Championship. King is also the VP and COO of TruChampions, a recruiting platform that helps walk aspiring athletes through the need-to-know steps of being discovered. His athletic career spans over 20 years with other notable works in charity within the Detroit community and as a color commentator during the 2008-2009 Michigan Wolverine season. King offers audiences a unique insight into the lives of both past and present athletes and coaches.

Terry Foster

Terry Foster has almost 40 years of journalism experience as a Detroit radio personality and sports columnist. Foster was the Pistons beat writer for The Detroit News from 1988 to 1994 and served as co-host on Detroit’s WXYT-FM The Ticket for 13 years until his initial retirement in 2017. Foster is currently a sports columnist and blogger for the Detroit News and has authored 100 Things Tiger Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die and co-wrote The Great Detroit Sports Debate. With his unmatched, renowned expertise in the world of sports, Foster gives viewers the opportunity to better understand the complexities of competitive sports media. Never afraid to ruffle a few feathers with his opinions, he brings a fresh and honest take on the world of sports.

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